This week in construction news (5 March ‘18)

Southeast Asia construction is on the rise. How do we know? Based on the increased media attention gained.

Photo by Ryan Waring on Unsplash.

Over the course of February, a notable pattern has surfaced regarding construction-related news. There are more articles covering issues such as environmentalism, innovation, and Southeast Asia. News on construction in Southeast Asia have been sparse in the past, but the sharp rise in construction activity in the region has drawn media attention, and interesting information is reported regularly now.

In Southeast Asia, a number of concerns regarding environmental degradation have been raised recently. Over-utilisation of esential materials such as sand and coal could affect the region’s flora and fauna.

Most interestingly, a Bandung tech startup aims to use mushrooms to construct houses. Inspired by tempeh, the technology could see ‘living bricks’ serve as a sustainable alternative in the region.





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